Ruth's Poetry Corner

…a lesson

I strove to teach my son of God

and found it oft in vain … 

on deafened ears the message fell

and wasn't welcomed, I could tell.

I spoke of truth …


of His redeeming plan;

and how His Son, Jesus,

died for sins of man.

Of how rebellion is our nature;

how authority deserves respect;

 "There isn't just your way

and mine, son …

but God's, we must inspect!"

Seek Him in confusion;

pursue Him in your doubt …

His teachings will sustain you

when all else fails about.

The ABC's you learned in school

have taught you how to read;

and numbers have importance

in all financial need.

Psychology is the study of man

his common ways, and odd,

but oh, my son, the Bible?

Ah! ----

the Bible, 'tis the study of God!

As onward went my message

I spoke with deep intent

yet, I could sense indifference

a strain, I could detect.

Verses may be quoted;

facts may never err …

but only faith with action

can make a heart stir.

I've learned since then

a lesson

that never fails to be …

in simple acts of kindness

my boy "sees" God, in me!